About SSMU Powerlifting

About SSMU Powerlifting

The SSMU Powerlifting Club is a group focused on improving strength, fostering friendships, crushing weights, and just having a good time. As a group training out of the McGill Fitness Center, we offer students (and McGill community members) a chance to train together, perfect technique, discuss training programs, all within the goal of becoming competitive powerlifters.

Adam Santorelli
-83.0 kg

Lord of the potato, mucho burrito, and captain injury

Carl Majdalani
-105.0 kg

Always Learning. PRI Pelvis Restoration cert.

Jonathan Fok kan
-66.0 kg

Software Engineer who likes to lift things up and put them down. http://blog.jonfk.ca/

Xin Di Dong
-93.0 kg

Destroyer of food, personal trainer at Club Sportif MAA, physiotherapy studet at McGill University, and sometimes I lift weight